Ever since a wing fragment was found on the island of La Réunion last summer, hopes have been high that search teams might finally find the wreckage of MH370, the Malaysian Airlines airliner that disappeared in March of 2014. So far, no luck--but the teams recently announced that they've come across another vessel that's been missing for far longer: a 19th-century cargo ship at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

First identified by sonar last month, the wreck was photographed by an unmanned submarine and identified by experts. According to a statement by the Australia-based Joint Agency Coordination Centre, which is spearheading the search efforts,

"The Shipwreck Galleries of the Western Australian Museum has conducted a preliminary review of some sonar imagery and advised that the vessel is likely to be a steel/iron vessel dating from the turn of the 19th Century."

This actually isn't the first shipwreck MH370 search teams have stumbled across: another 19th-century wreck was discovered last spring