If you've been online in the last few days, you're probably well-aware that everyone with an Internet connection seems to have an opinion about "Whiteness History Month." When did this become a thing? Who started it? Here's a quick recap: Portland Community College recently announced that it will be hosting an event exploring “the construction of whiteness, its origins and heritage." The event isn't until April but the announcement promptly set the Internet aflame. PCC spokeswoman Kate Chester recently told The Washington Post that school officials were taken aback by all of the media attention:

We really don’t know what set this off yesterday,” Chester told The Washington Post on Tuesday. “The intent was to look at whiteness as a social construct,” Chester told The Post...To put it another way, that means talking about concepts like white privilege and examining them through an academic lens. The event “seeks to inspire innovative and practical solutions to community issues and social problems that stem from racism,” the website states.

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