What better way is there to learn about military history than to fully immerse yourself in the experience of a normal soldier? In a video that recently made a splash on Reddit, a very brave guy named Steve from MREinfo.com, a website that specializes in historical military rations, systematically opens and eats two Korean War-era RCIs (which stands for Ration, Combat Individual). 

You should definitely make time to watch the entire 16-minute video—we promise you won't regret it—but here's a little taste of what Steve finds inside the cans.

1. Botulism?

As upsetting as 61-year-old peanut butter sounds, the most horrifying part of the video is when Steve opens the first of his two ration cans to find that the tin of blackberry jelly at the bottom has somehow been punctured, possibly due to heat. Like any rational person who doesn't want to come down with a case of botulism, Steve decides to pass on the jelly. Not! Because it looks "so good," he eats a bit of it, and ends up liking it better than the safer-looking cracker he samples, about which he says, "That's not very good. I don't know if it ever was."

2. Chunky, chlorinated hot cocoa

This, apparently, did not taste good, prompting Steve to comment, "They call it a ration [because] you're not gonna want much more than what they give you."

3. This Wes Anderson-esque peanut butter can, which will be eligible for social security benefits next year

Due to its high fat and salt content and intact can, it's not really that surprising that the peanut butter is still more or less edible. This can, though, is great—as is Steve's delighted realization that he's probably snacking on the oldest peanut butter ever eaten.