For years, superfans of the Sonic the Hedgehog games—Blues, as they call themselveshave speculated that Michael Jackson was involved in writing music at some point. Thanks to some nifty investigative work conducted by The Huffington Post's Todd Van Luling, the mystery has finally been solved: Michael Jackson worked on the soundtrack for 1994's Sonic 3 and his music is included in the game.

Luling dives into the theory's history, which originated with Blue Ben Mallison, who put the pieces together in the '90s, but had to wait until he had the backing of the Internet to present his case on a Sonic message board in 2003. Luling goes on to detail the theory's proliferation across the Internet, Jackson's passion for Sega and subsequent visit to their top-secret development facility in 1993, and the recollections of those who worked with Jackson on the score, despite Sega having claimed that he was not involved. 

The process "wasn't as we would normally construct songs for an album or another project of Michael's," Forger said. "We were recording lots of beatboxing. Lots of Michael's mouth percussion. ... He'd be laughing, joking, and that kind of infectious attitude would ... make the work not seem like work. Michael understood that this was for a game, he was in a really up mood whenever we'd be working. "We did use a lot of samples made from [Jackson's] beatboxing," added Buxer. "We would chop this up and use it in cues. Of course there were Michael 'he-he's' and other signature Michaelisms."

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