Ernesto “Che” Guevara has been dead for nearly fifty years. Why is the guerrilla fighter's face still a fixture on everything from coffee mugs to underwear? Because he's a symbol of Marxist revolution and anti-imperialist struggle. He was also pretty easy on the eyes, so it's easy to stare at him for long periods of time. We're going to take a wild guess and assume that you probably picture him looking a lot like this. 

Exhibit A: 

Thought so. Photographer Alberto Korda took this iconic photo at a memorial service for the victims of the La Coubre explosion in 1960. The photographer's portrait of the 32-year-old revolutionary has been endlessly reproduced. In fact, it's highly probable that you owned a Zippo with this picture on it in the early 2000s. Why does everyone love this photo of Che Guevara? Probably because he looks like a badass Marxist dreamboat who really hates capitalism. 

Was the photo a one-off? Nope. Guevara had the badass Marxist dreamboat routine nailed. Case in point: That one time in 1963 when he decided to smoke a cigar in front of a Look magazine photographer. 

Exhibit B: 

René Burri via The Guardian 

We've established Guevara's status as the ultimate badass Marxist dreamboat. Are you ready for the ultimate denouement? 

Exhibit C: 

via Pinterest 

HOW DO YOU LIKE CHE NOW? The above photos establish two heretofore unknown points about Che Guevara:

1. Che Guevara looked really great when he was hanging out with adorable puppies.

2. Young Che Guevara looked like an Argentine version of 90s Brad Pitt.

Oh, and one last thing. You should probably hang this over your couch