If there's one common thread that unites humanity, it's our shared enjoyment of watching a fellow human fail miserably at some feat of athleticism. Even in ancient times, our species understood the importance of preserving these blunders for further amusementEgyptians drew hieroglyphics of people falling off donkeys, Greeks mythologized Sisyphus' boulder struggle, etc. 

Then film arrived, a groundbreaking technology that, above all else, would greatly improve our ability to capture and share someone else's humiliating fail. Eventually, some genius decided to edit a bunch of these blunders together, and lo!, the blooper reel was born. 

Though we can't be sure if this is the trailblazing video or not, we're proud to present one of the earliest blooper reels ever. Released by Castle Films in 1946, the silent movie features classics of the genre such as 'Guy Falls Down Skiing' and 'Horse Falls Down Racing.' But the real gem comes at 2:02, when an out of control power boat jumps a bank and soars through the air, eventually landing in the middle of a parking lot. Maritime fail!