Back in April 2015, Kim Kardashian West Instagrammed her response to the one hundredth anniversary of the Armenian genocide, expressing her sadness at the loss of so many lives. But how did the Kardashian family manage to avoid the massacre of two million innocent Armenians? This incredible scape story involves a mystic who brought them to American shores.

As anyone who followed the O.J. Simpson trialor who has at least seen the trailer for the upcoming mini-dramatizationwould know, Robert Kardashian helped acquit Simpson. The patriarch of the Kardashian Klan was born in California, but his family, originally known as the Kardaschoffs, emigrated from Armenia in the late nineteenth century. Therefore, they avoided the horrible acts soon to take place. But it took a bit more than luck to get them to America.

Armenians are marched to a nearby prison in Mezireh by armed Turkish soldiers in 1915

According to records obtained by The Daily MailKim's ancestors were members of a Christian sect at odds with the majority Armenian Orthodox Church. After receiving a pardon from then-Tsar Nicholas II, the Kardaschoffs and their brethren moved from their original hometown to Karakale, a military settlement where they'd be protected by soldiers. There, they came into contact with another religious group, the so-called "Molokans," who included amongst their numbers the prophet Efim Klubnikin, well-known for prophesying that the Armenian people would be mercilessly butchered in the coming years.

Klubnikin supposedly not only foretold the Armenian genocide, but also encouraged his countrymen to flee to the West Coast of AmericaLos Angeles, California, in particular. A good number of people heeded his wise words, packed up, and left for the USA. Those individuals included the Kardaschoffs, who were allegedly mocked by non-believers for their credulousness. In fact, Kim's paternal great-grandfather, Tom Kardashian (né Tatos Kardaschoff), fled to Germany, then to America. His parents followed him, and although the current authorities in Karakale deny a Kardashian connection still exists in the village by virtue of a relative that remained behind, that was all E! wrote.

Feature image by Disney/ABC Television Group via Flickr