One of the many shocking tactics adopted by the ISIS is the intentional destruction of cultural heritage. Like many of their executions of Western hostages and more local captives, the terrorist organization publicizes these destructions through social media by filming and sharing videos of the acts Read more
During the Hanukkah holiday, we celebrate the triumph of the pro-Judean Hasmonean dynasty – better known as the Maccabees – over the Hellenistic Seleucid King Antiochus IV. The Maccabean movement got its name from one of its military leaders, Judah Maccabee; his epithet supposedly means “hammer,” fr Read more
Last week I wrote about Alexander the Great’s debaucherous party lifestyle but only touched briefly on his many military conquests. One battle I did mention was Gaugamela, the decisive affair of the Persian campaign, however I neglected to mention that the Persian army deployed up to 15 war elephant Read more
The bomb dropped on Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945 instantly killed approximately 80,000 people, with the ultimate death toll in the weeks to follow reaching around 135,000. Three days later, on August 9th, the bomb dropped on Nagasaki killed 50,000 people and destroyed about a third of the city. The Read more
Anyone else feeling like we’ve suddenly teleported back to 1941? We’ve already covered why we should think carefully before turning our backs on refugees by diving into the shameful way the United States treated Jewish refugees during World War II. Yesterday, David A. Bowers, the mayor of Roanoke, V Read more
Aside from his close companion and possible lover Hephaestion, Alexander the Great probably didn’t have a ton of people to whom he could confess all his secrets…except for his absolute best friend – his horse, Bucephalus. This wasn’t any ordinary steed, however, as we’ll soon see… Alexander and Buce Read more
1.8 million American soldiers served in combat during the Korean War, resulting in a total of 37,000 U.S. casualties and over 100,000 wounded soldiers (by comparison, the Vietnam War totaled 58,000 dead over the course of about a decade). Over 7,000 American soldiers who fought in Korea still remain Read more