On Friday, Jeena Lee-Walker, a former teacher at the Upper West Side High School for Arts, Imagination and Inquiry, told the New York Daily News that she was fired for teaching students about the Central Park Five case, a lesson that school administrators feared would “rile up” black students and in Read more
Are you a time traveller or a vampire who committed a terrible crime in the 14th-century and got away with it? Stop feeling smug. Researchers at the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom have found an innovative way to document medieval fingerprints. Side note: This warning only applies if you Read more
Deep down, we’ve always known there was something nefarious about salmon sandwiches. Now that we know about this unsolved murder mystery, we finally know why. Strange Company recently reported on a bizarre arsenic poisoning case that occurred in 1930s England. The main suspect was an unassuming Engl Read more
Have your New Year’s resolutions have already fallen by the wayside? Don’t beat yourself up about your poor life choices. At least you didn’t decide to kick of 2016 by bringing your terrifying collection of medieval weaponry to a major sports event. ICYMI: A 48-year-old man was arrested at the Gille Read more
The first time I heard about The Straw Hat Riot, I laughed. I had recently arrived at a cocktail party, spirits were high, and the hosts were dispensing encouraging amounts of gin. When a vintage-obsessed acquaintance mentioned that straw hats plunged New York City into a maelstrom of violence in 19 Read more
The 1920s was the golden age of American bank robbery. How bad did things get? On December 23, 1927, Santa Claus robbed a bank. Described by an eyewitness as “the most spectacular crime in the history of the Southwest,” the Santa Claus Bank Robbery resulted in the largest manhunt in Texas history. T Read more
We have to say we’ve always been underwhelmed by the aesthetics of the American prison-industrial complex. All that orange, the concrete walls, the Crown Victorias—not to mention the total downer that is crime scene photography. We’re not saying that style should actually be any higher on the police Read more
One of the many shocking tactics adopted by the ISIS is the intentional destruction of cultural heritage. Like many of their executions of Western hostages and more local captives, the terrorist organization publicizes these destructions through social media by filming and sharing videos of the acts Read more
Alexander the Great was one the most talented military strategists the world has ever seen. That doesn’t mean he was great company. When it comes to party fouls, it’s hard to beat killing your best friend in a drunken rage. Especially if that best friend just saved your life. Cleitus the Black was a Read more
Wednesday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., which killed 14 people and left 17 more wounded, marked the third mass shooting since the rampage in Colorado Springs last Friday. According to the Washington Post, which tracks gun violence according to a mass shooting tracker maintained by the G Read more
Jack the Ripper arguably holds the title for the most infamous serial killer of all time. Terrorizing the East End of London in 1888, he gruesomely killed five prostitutes (that we know of), slitting their throats and mutilating their abdomens in Whitechapel alleyways. He famously taunted the London Read more