We’ve all thought about it: What was dinosaur sex like? Was there foreplay? Did they talk dirty to each other? Did they cuddle afterwards, immediately fall asleep, or go on some murderous rampage in triumph? While we can’t be sure of most of these questions, a recent fossil discovery appears to give Read more
Yesterday, Jezebel published an incredible round-up of sexy Roman stock images, which is amazing and 100% worth a click. But while the glistening abs and sensual grape-eating of the modern photos are certainly suggestive, they have nothing on these actual pieces of Roman art. In case you didn’t get Read more
If you’re a royal mistress, the holidays are a tough time. Not because you won’t be invited to the palace’s Christmas or New Year’s festivities—which may or may not be the case—but because you have to get your princely paramour the best gift. Take a cue from these imperial inamoratos about the best Read more
France has always been for lovers, and no one knew that better than its kings. In the early modern era, les rois carved out a formal position in their courts for the most important minister of all – the official mistress, or maîtresse-en-titre. The mistress of Charles VII as the Virgin Mary. Image v Read more
Most of us equate Kellogg’s Corn Flakes with a pleasant, if not kind of bland morning breakfast. Fewer of us equate it as part of a regimented anti-masturbation routine, but that’s technically the more accurate origin story. Let’s discuss. Way back in the late 1800s, Michigan physician John Harvey K Read more

Sex Tips from Aristotle

Oct 19, 2015
HistoryBuff Staff - Staff Writer

First things first: Aristotle (384 – 322 B.C.E.) did not write Aristotle’s Masterpiece. The Greek philosopher covered many topics in his day, from physics to logic to politics to zoology. But he never wrote a manual about sex. Aristotle’s Masterpiece was written by an unknown author in 1680, at a ti Read more
A woman and her husband find a 19th-century plaster dildo in the chimney of their Nantucket house. It sounds like the setup to a joke, but instead it’s the prelude to a thought-provoking mediation on love, loss, and history: “Tom and I stopped talking about it for a while,” Connie said, “because peo Read more