Looking for a (super!) last-minute Christmas present? We’ve got you covered: here are 10 nonfiction history books from 2015 that you shouldn’t miss. Some are academic, some are aimed at a general audience; some are traditional historical studies and some are biographies. But all ten made a splash in Read more
Critics and LGBT activists alike have praised the recent Cate Blanchett/Mara Rooney film Carol for its unusually sensitive and realistic portrayal of a budding lesbian relationship. The novel that Carol is based on, however, is nothing new: titled The Price of Salt, the book was released over sixty Read more
Historians have a lot in common with detectives: they have to have a keen eye for evidence, enough patience to avoid jumping to conclusions, and an obsession with getting to the bottom of things. It’s no mystery, then, that historical fiction featuring intrepid sleuths is perennially popular. The bo Read more
The holidays are almost here again, and if you’re anything like us, you haven’t even started your gift shopping. This year, why not spread the cheer of history? To lighten your shopping load, we’ll be sharing handy lists of our favorite historical fiction books over the next couple of weeks. Today, Read more
Paul McGuigan just brought a knife to a Twitter fight. The “Victor Frankenstein” director recently told Screen Rant that Mary Shelley’s novel is as “dull as dishwater.” Brooklyn-based writer Sady Doyle wasn’t pleased. She spent her Thanksgiving Eve going off on an epic Twitter rant in Shelley’s defe Read more
There are two stories told about the Julio-Claudian dynasty, which began with Julius Caesar and his heir Augustus and ended with the suicide of Nero in 68 C.E. The first, the one the emperors themselves would like us to believe, shows them as saviors of a flailing state, restorers of peace, builders Read more
I spent most of my childhood hiding out in my parents mirrored wardrobe. Was it because I was a friendless hermit? NO. I was an extremely cool second-grader. It’s because I was going to Narnia. Picking a favorite character is pretty much impossible. My devotion to Reepicheep and Tumnus the faun rema Read more
Is rum the subject of a vast historical cover-up? Ian Williams thinks so. A renowned journalist and rum expert, Williams is the author of the acclaimed book Rum: A Social and Sociable History of the Real Spirit of 1776. It’s a riveting read. Taking us from the plantations of Barbados to the battlefi Read more
What does passenger pigeon taste like? You’ll never be able to find out for yourself, because Americans hunted the bird into extinction around the start of the 20th century. You’re not totally out of luck, though: Laura Massey of Alembic Rare Books spotlights a text that lets you vicariously experie Read more