We recently came across this tweet from Robert McNees and it pretty much made our week. Why is everyone in the office fist-bumping their way home right now? Because we’re nerds and we just found out that Chewie is an American history buff. Also, we really love Star Wars. McNees has definitively prov Read more
Some people are really bad at staying on the right side of history. Born in Brooklyn in 1906, William Joyce moved with his English mother and Irish-American father to England in 1921. He joined the British Union of Fascists (BUF) in 1932. In late August 1939, Joyce and his wife Margaret fled to Germ Read more
Are you a time traveller or a vampire who committed a terrible crime in the 14th-century and got away with it? Stop feeling smug. Researchers at the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom have found an innovative way to document medieval fingerprints. Side note: This warning only applies if you Read more
We feel as awkward about this as you do. But we kind of have a crush on young Stalin. The Soviet dictator is frozen in our collective imagination in his middle-aged, mustachioed prime. Remember this guy? Exhibit A:  We recently stumbled across this mugshot of the 23-year-old future dictator. And it Read more
Ever wondered what the first sound in the universe was? We hadn’t either. Which is why we immediately morphed into Conspiracy Keanu after we read this article on the history of sound in The Atlantic. If you don’t have time to read the entire article, here are two key takeaways… 1. Nobody was around Read more
Remember those ancient Iraqi Jewish artifacts we told you about? Here’s a quick recap: In 2003, U.S. troops stormed Saddam Hussein’s intelligence headquarters in Baghdad. Instead of finding weapons of mass destruction, they discovered thousands of ancient Jewish documents floating in the basement. T Read more