Depending on whom and how you ask, about half of women worldwide report some symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, give or take. PMS is a medical condition in which many women experience emotional fluctuations in the week before their periods. Since women have been getting their periods since time imme Read more
When it comes to doomed and unmade Hollywood films, listicles and documentaries abound. There’s Jodorowsky’s “Dune,”  Terry Gilliam’s “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote,” and Tim Burton’s “Superman Lives.” Notably absent is perhaps the most extreme example of a Hollywood film on the wrong side of desti Read more

5 Bizarre Sumerian Proverbs

Dec 29, 2015
Mallory Ditchey - Contributor

Sumerian, originating in Southern Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq), was the first written language, starting around 3200 BCE. Of the many genres of Sumerian texts is a particularly fascinating collection—Sumerian proverbs. Sumerian is already extremely challenging to decipher because the language is st Read more
In the summer of 2013, I was sent to the University of Texas in Austin to research the life of Harry Houdini for a TV biopic. While perusing his collection of personal correspondence, I stumbled across the most insane letter I have ever read, sent by a woman who claimed to be “Her Royal Highness Pri Read more
During the 19th century, consumption—or tuberculosis, in modern terms—was all the rage, in no small part due to its association with artists. Like the Victorian equivalent of heroin chic, fashionable ladies in Europe would pale their skin and dilate their eyes with belladonna to achieve tha Read more