The Spanish Inquisition is often listed as one of the great religious atrocities of history, and in particular with regard to the persecution of Jews, it is sometimes mentioned in conjunction with the Holocaust. Some early chroniclers asserted that the Inquisition killed tens of thousands of people Read more
Most Americans today are raised to feel an almost sacerdotal reverence for the Constitution and for the ingenious “Founding Fathers” who penned it. The views of the Anti-Federalists who tried to block ratification of the Constitution between 1787 and 1790 usually get short shrift in history classroo Read more
This is probably the question that I have been asked the most in the course of my research on Freemasonry. The answer is no—they weren’t all Masons, but a large portion of them were, and they acted as a unifying force in the Revolutionary coalition.  According to the information in Ronald Heaton’s v Read more
The witch-hunting craze in the Western world ran from about the 1470s through the mid-1600s. Already by 1670, most witchcraft cases were dismissed from court, and after 1700, most people saw them as a joke. Why, then, did the biggest witch-hunt in American history break out, killing 20 people in a m Read more