We all know the standard narrative about World War I: the Great War was initially caused by Gavrilo Princip’s assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. That’s giving Gavrilo too much credit, though (and believe me, dude gets a lot of credit). The truth is, the First World War was set off by a bunch Read more
Everybody loves Alexander Graham Bell, right? He’s the guy who made modern telecommunication possible. Oh, wait, I meant to say he’s the guy who made modern telecommunication. He is a classic example of American ingenuity, tenacity, and altruism. And he had a sweet beard. But, as with many historica Read more
With an election year on the horizon, now seems an appropriate time to look back on the very birthplace of democracy – Athens, Greece. Athens wasn’t always a democracy. The proud Greek city-state was the confused college freshman of political systems, trying them all on to see what stuck. For all th Read more