Every once and awhile, we encounter a story that momentarily convinces us there's still magic left in the world. This story is one of those times. Ever heard of "The Poe Toaster"? We hadn't either, but now we really, really want to know who he was. Here's a recap: In 1949, a bescarfed man started visiting Edgar Allan Poe’s grave in Baltimore (some people argue that the tradition started in the 1930s). The mysterious fan had a romantic way of paying tribute: he would lay three roses and a bottle of cognac at Poe’s grave on his birthday.

FanSided reports:

"Dressed in black garb and concealing his face with a conveniently worn hat and scarf, the visitor would arrive carrying a bottle of cognac and three roses. After placing the roses onto Poe’s grave, assumed to be in commemoration of Poe, Poe’s wife, and Poe’s mother-in-law, all of whom are interred at the Westminster Hall and Burying Ground in Baltimore, the Toaster would pour himself a glass of cognac, raise a toast in honor Poe, down the drink, place the bottle and a poetic, hand-written note beside the roses, and slip off into the shadows."

In 2009, "The Poe Toaster" suddenly disappeared. Baltimore residents and hardcore Poe fans were, understandably, upset. So the Maryland Historical Society decided to elect a new Poe Toaster for future tributes. 

The effect isn't quite the same, but we're glad the tradition is being carried on. Want to know more? You can read the whole story over at the source